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When a Storm May Come Your Way….

Summertime is storm time in Florida.  While the official hurricane season begins June 1, most of the actual storm activity takes place in August and September, with some tapering in October and then all gone by November 30.  While storms can, and have, occurred in every month of the year, August through October are the most dangerous months.

What is truly dangerous is to have the attitude that it can’t or won’t happen here.  This attitude leads to the failure to prepare in even the simplest ways.  But anyone who has ever been truly impacted by these types of storms and who know the amount of damage, both physical and psychological, will never fail to prepare again.



Make your Family’s plan here!

One of the best sites to go to first is the Florida Department of Emergency Management here.  You can keep up with the latest NOAA releases but more importantly, you can Get A Plan.  After you click the Get a Plan link, you are taken to a series of pages where you fill in information relative to your own family.  (They do not store this information, they just use it to create a personalized plan for your family).  It takes about 3 minutes to input, then you print out the plan which includes Checklists, supply lists, emergency management phone #s and evacuation routing relative to where you live.

Storms have to be taken seriously and if you follow the information laid out for you in your own Get A Plan, you will weather the weather a lot better than 99% of the rest of the population.